Charging Stations

These Robust And Reliable State-Of-The-Art Chargers Will Excite And Draw Drivers To Your Location Again And Again.

If you drive an electric vehicle or read our about page, you will know that a lot of charging stations end up getting a lot of wear and tear and break over time due to poor quality.

We’re not the only one’s tired of pulling up to a station, relieved that we made it before the car ran out of charge, only to find that the station is broken.

So we’re here to fix that.

Introducing: The ZAAP 175-S

175kWh DC High Power Charger

A Flexible Hardware Configuration To Enable High Power Charging At Any Site

Easy To Install

Liquid Cooled

Low Maintenance

Cable Management

10″ Screen



Credit Card Reader

Connected To ZAAP Network

This Beauty Is Able To Churn Out 175kW!

ZAAP’s EV chargers can charge a vehicle as fast as 8 to 15 minutes, making it convenient for people to “Quickly Be Ready To Go Where You Want, When You Want”.

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