Why is being part of the ZAAP network so great?

Getting attention in the noisy online environment, makes it hard for small businesses.

How can a small bookshop compete with Amazon?

Well we believe in local businesses.

And we want to do our part in helping them thrive.

Every time a ZAAP station permit has been granted, we email all drivers in the area.

Not only does this help drivers know where new stations are, but it puts YOUR location in their mind the next time they’re in your area and need a charge.

Additionally, we’ll put your station and business on our ZAAP map.

Through the ZAAP App, drivers new and old will be able to find you – even if they’re not regularly in your area.

Driving traffic to your business just took on a whole new meaning.

Having a charger on the ZAAP Network means:

Greater Customer Loyalty.

Increased Customer Engagement.

Bigger Profits For YOU.

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